MK vs DCU: Notations

————————————- Mortal Kombat Notations ————————————- Just want to inform you guys that the notation for Mortal Kombat sucks balls. Since everybody is starting MK vs DCU, it should be fine if we welcome new notations. My notation is not hard to understand, you may even say it’s better. What are you Notations you say? Notations are what we as gamers define the buttons or movement name. Basically it’s hard to write down toward all the time when you can just say “QCF” Notations just makes it much simpler for us to understand what is being said. All of my tutorials…

Street Fighter IV starts fights on February 17

Man, I got caught up with MK vs DCU that I forgot to mention this great news. Capcom enlightens us with great news over the weekend. Street Fighter IV will be released on February 17, 2009 for PS3 and Xbox360 console system. Europe fans, have to wait till the 20th to get their hands on though. If we can wait 10 years for SFIV to be released, i’m sure 3 more months won’t matter for console play. NeoRussell

MK vs DC universe = Suprisingly Good :]

MK vs DC universe = Not a bad game. General comments: What do you get when you combine Mortal Kombat and DC characters together? The answer, a suprisingly fun/complex game. Not bad of a game. Midway makes and tries their best at making a fun and complex game for everybody to play and they succeed. The Characters maybe the reason people will buy the game but the games system engine is what would make it the best MK game thus far. Graphics: 9.5 / 10 What can I say about the graphics? It is really well done. The stages although…

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

So what happens when two worlds collide to battle for Supremecy? Hopefully a great game. 🙂 Whether your excited or not about the game, MK vs DC Universe will be released on Sunday Nov. 16th. It will be released for PS3 and XBOX 360. I know most of you really just watch the Opening and Ending sequences from past MK games. I mean did people really play the other games seriously? Regardless, we should give this game the benefit of the doubt. Midway did promise a newly revamped system. Once it has been released, I’ll give you a very informant…

Blaze Blue Is Coming Next Week

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a couple of months, then you should already be excited of Blaze Blue’s release next week. According to aksysgames, the arcades that have put an order for the game will receive them in a weeks time. If your arcade has not placed an order, then have him email (thanks Markman) for inquiries about the game. It will be in my list of Upcoming Game to do tutorials with. To fill your Blaze Blue excitement before release, watch the combo trailer: