Kingdom Hearts Guard Armor Boss

Kingdom Hearts Guard Armor

Kingdom Hearts Guard Armor is the name of the boss I fought yesterday. As a goal to speedrun this game, I took it upon myself to finish it first to get familiar with the game yet again. Follow my Kingdom Hearts struggle as I post my journal with the game.

Kingdom Hearts Guard Armor Struggle

-The struggle continues.
-We left off where Sora just got out of Destiny Islands and into Traverse Town.
-I am now playing hide and seek with Donald and Goofy.
-Talked to Cid in the shop and he tries selling me pretty expensive things I couldn’t afford.
-Had to go to 3rd district to trigger an event.
-I go through 2nd district and heartless’ are around.
-The 3rd district was the same. Lots of heartless to fight.
-I trigger an event that introduces Leon and Yuffie in chibi form.
-They tell me about being chosen to be the Keyblade Master.
-Donald and Goofy meets chibi Aeris and she says the same.
-We get attacked in the middle of the convo and I officially fight with the two of them now.
-The heartless enemies got big as well. With armours now too.
-I cry everytime they deflect my attacks.

Then comes the very first boss, Guard Armor

KH Guard Armor

-I have to say, i almost said screw this game after dying to him 3 times.
-Goofy was healing me but we run out of potions quick.
-Not sure what Donald was doing but I hear him getting hit.
-After the 5th time death, i just said screw this game.
-Did some Stun City work and contemplated about trying again.
-Went back and decided to take this boss on differently.
-I realized that my Dark Souls nature will not work on this boss.
-I placed my hits appropriately this time. Seemed to have worked.
-When he spun, I attack to stun him.
-I had 10% life left and got real careful with approaching him.
-Contemplated on using Potion but went brave and said ‘screw it’.
-Was happy to beat him. I was shown an FMV of the Silhoutte bosses in the game.
-Gathered all the items in Traverse Town and saved for the night.