Final Fantasy XII Playthrough


I started playing Final Fantasy XII last night. I promised myself i’d finish it this time. I don’t remember this game fully well so it does come off as me playing it new.

FYI, I’m playing the PS2 version and not the Zodiac expansion. Also, this game came out on 2006. That’s 11 years ago. I get the feeling everyone played and finished this but me.

Things I noticed:

-The battle system is weird. you basically have free reign to move around.
-You aim the attack arrow at an enemy then just wait for the attack meter to fill up.
-Seems pretty silly to be standing beside an enemy waiting for this bar to fill up.
-How would that work with a big dragon boss? ‘Lalalala, don’t mind me, im just waiting to attack.’
-Anyways, the cut scene in the beginning was hype. Battle starts out in a war.
-I control Reks and a commander is leading me.
-We fight a first boss I guess. It’s a ship called ‘Tonberry’.
-After a “hard” battle, the Tonberry ship just flies away.
-I remember Reks not being the main character.
-After a few walking and battles, I get to the throne room and things happen.
-I stopped playing after that.
-Didn’t get much into it since it was late in the night but i’ll continue again when I can.