FFXII – Esper Fight: Cúchulainn

FFXII - Esper Fight: Cúchulainn

FFXII – Esper Fight: Cúchulainn

I got the Barheim Key and had to do this Sidequest. After it ended, I realized that I was underleved here.



This fight has got to be the hardest of all Esper Fights i’ve dealt with. Luckily, I bought a lot of X-Potions. I didn’t really read much on the Esper other than to be prepared it says. Didn’t notice that SAP was fully activated. Causing my HP to dwindle down in time. I immediately activated Gambits for X-Potion with 40% health. I was worried it wasn’t enough or Curaga was just not fast enough to heal.

There are two blobs who caused me heartache. Had to take care of them first. They did lots of bad statuses. Eventually killed them. I turned off Protect Gambit cause i needed all the Cure casting I can get. They die real fast.

Cúchulainn used Invert. Caused his HP/MP to switch. Making it harder to kill him. My damage was definitely not enough. About halfway in, he got even more dangerous. He started casting Disable. I quickly enabled belts to counter it. Only had 2 so i had to choose properly.

30% left and he got even more harder. My HPs are still dwindling. Ran out of X-Potions. Started using Hi-Potion. Does not do enough recovery. Changed to Curage again. Hoped for the best.

My damages were just not working. One by one, the cast is dying. I had one last ditch effort. I summoned Zelera from an earlier fight. He helped great. Did about 4k in damage. Boss still alive though. I figured, screw it, i’m using Elixirs in this fight. 10% left. I keep attacking. It’s just not doing damage. I used my last Elixir on Balthier. I knew another summon will kill him. I just hoped it was fast enough.

Summoned Zelera again. He needs casting time. I had Balthier left and 2k HP. Just don’t hit me pls. Zelera finally activated his attack. HOOORAHHHH!!!!

This was a freaking tough fight. You could clearly tell my frustration halfway in. Started panicking as well. Ended up well. Had no resources after the fight. Ran for the save spot.