Tiamat The Dragon – FF1 Update

tiamat the dragon

Time to battle Tiamat the Dragon. Going through Mirage Tower, Warmech and Tiamat the destroyer. The struggle continues with Final Fantasy 1. Read more after the break.

Tiamat The Dragon!

Adventures of Russell

Final Fantasy 1 Update:
-Now to get that Air Crystal thingy.
-I am in front of the Mirage Tower. I ask myself, am I ready?
-No time like the present.
-There’s an item here called Adamant.
-It’s a crystal that can be converted to a powerful sword. Must grab that.
-The enemies are serious here. The best enemies for farming are the draculas.
-3k exp and 10k gil. That’s just wow. They don’t come often.
-Nothing else to do here but to walk around until I reach portal.
-I use the cube to reach Sky Castle.
-The music in Sky Castle is very futuristic. Damn Lefunians and their future ways.
-There are 4 floors in here. Lots of wrapping around to get to the next one.
-A simple google search gives you a map of all floors. That’s helpful.
-The White and Black Shirts are here. Good accessories for the mages.
-I reached the 4th floor and the guide says, ‘time for the most dangerous walk of your life’.
-I read on and it says, there is a 1/65 chance that a robot named Warmech will be encountered on this bridge.
-He is more powerful than Tiamat. I’m in for a good fight here.
-I am not ready for him. My characters are bleeding. Pls don’t be a bitch, FF1.
-I walk, nervous. I don’t stop, I run. Almost there, almost at the end. FUDGE! An encounter.
-Was relived to find out that the enemies are just draculas.

Tiamat Time!

Tiamat The Dragon
-I pass the bridge to start the battle.
-My resource is close to depleted but I am not going back.
-I start the fight. I instantly activated Shield 2 on all parties. It’s somewhat effective.
-This dragon hits hard. He damages 150 physical hit.
-I use haste on the Warrior and the Ninja (still useless).
-My Black Mage has flare. I use that on him. It’s superly NOT effective.
-White Mage is just potion (whatever’s left) and cure.
-Please don’t kill White Mage, he is the only one who can revive the characters.
-After 10 rounds, the freaking Dragon goes down. Praise the gods!
-That was a struggle. Pretty tough match considering that I was running out of resources.
-Goes to show you that with these type of games, you have to think and strategize.
-My strategy was to not let White Mage die and to get Ninja killed cause he is useless.
-Tiamat is done.
-I really have to read the guide for boss fights. Apparently, if I had Venom Blade, I could have thrown it at him to do ‘Poison’. Which INSTANTLY KILLS HIM. WTF!
-I’m glad to say that I fought him honestly and bravely.
-Chaos is nearby. The struggle will end for this game on my next update.