Adventures of NeoRussell: FF1 Struggle

ff1 struggle

The Adventures Of NeoRussell continues. Trying to beat Final Fantasy 1 in due time. Featuring my battle with a staircase. How will I get out of this one? Read more.

Adventures Of NeoRussell

Adventures of Russell


Where did we left of last time? I was sent to the Ice Cave to retrieve a Crystal. Unfortunately for me, I was beaten many times by a Dark Wizard and his Fire 3.

Back To The Struggle:

-Leveled up 3 lvls. Now level 21
-Hoping that i’m ready for the Ice Cave since that stupid crystal is needed to progress further.
-I go back to the Ice Cave. Finding my path.
-Real scared of those Dark Wizards.
-I finally get to the room with the broken floors.
-Get the chests and have to fall in this breakable floor.
-I am now in basement 1. I’m not using any guide here.
-Going around the cave’s maze, I finally found a staircase.
-I get a random encounter here. OMG! A Dark Wizard.
-He uses Fire3, does lots of damage. Black Mage dies.
-Black Mage is at lvl 20 and he still has 200hp.
-Hit Dark Wizard twice with Warrior and he dies. Levelling up worked.
-On a high beating Dark Wizard, I go use the staircase.
-Real excited to get back to the room where the crystal was.
-WTF!! FUDGE!! This freaking staircase leads OUTSIDE.
-ARGH!!!! I mistakenly went outside and now have to start the cave again. I just got trolled. Fudge this game.
-Held my composure and just chalk it up as exp levelling.
-Going through this cave once again.
-Damn this game and it’s unforgiving manner.
-Finally back in the door with the crystal.
-Have to fall on one of the breakable floors again.
-Looking around for a way to get back up where I fell.
-I see the stupid staircase from before. Stupid staircase.
-There’s a room with chests and one broken floor again.
-I know I have to fall in there and find staircase back up.
-I fell in the hole on purpose but for some reason it dropped me to the 1st floor room where the crystal was.
-Squaresoft pls. I should be in Basement 2.
-This cave is not really symmetric at all.
-I walk freakishly slow here to not fall again.
-I get in front of the crystal. I tap X. FUDGE!! Hidden enemy.
-Big eye monster. Pretty easy actually. 2 hits from Warrior and it dies.
-I got the freaking Crystal. Finally. Took longer than expected.
-Where to next? The struggle continues.

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