Finding Rosetta Stone – FF1 Update

Finding Rosetta Stone

After a long weekend of shopping for Black Friday deals, we finish off with finding Rosetta Stone in Final Fantasy 1. Read the struggle.

Adventures of Russell

Finding Rosetta Stone

Final Fantasy 1 Update:
-Another Struggle continues.
-Coming back from Buffalo and watching Moana, I relax with FF1 playthrough on Sunday night.
-I have lots of money in this game right now.
-Guide says buy Protect Rings for everyone.
-I spend all the money in my purse to buy 4 Protect Rings. All strapped out.
-Guide says to go find a small patch of Desert to find a Caravan.
-Found the hidden caravan and wondering what to do now
-Guide says, buy the ‘Bottled Fairy for 50k’.
-LOL! WTF!I spent all my money. Had to improvise. Sold all of my old equipment and grinded to get this amount.
-Bought the bottle and opened it in the pond of town Gaia.
-A fairy comes out and gives me Oxyale.
-Apparently have to go to a water fall up north.
-In the Waterfall cavern, a Ribbon is attainable. A great piece of accessory.
-The goal here is to talk to the Robot to get a cube.
-Another Cave Maze with tough enemies.
-The Protect Ring stops petrification so i survive the freaking birds.
-After I got the cube, used Warp2 to get out of there. Pretty useful magic spell.
-The Oxyale will help me breath under water. Off to the Sea Shrine I go.
-Went to Onrac town and i showed a woman the Oxyale.
-I didn’t even realize that she was a ghost. She just floated away.
-The submarine gave me a good cut scene.
-This shrine is very blue. Spent some time finding all of items. Pretty good ones.
-The last room, no enemies. Lots of mermaids spouting nonsense about some Kraken.-I see a room that is not attainable. Here’s the kicker, it actually is reachable but the screen plays tricks on you.
-You have to cut to the top left of the screen that ends up on the top right section room with the chest.

sea shrine

Pretty sneaky Squaresoft. Don’t do that again.

-The chest contains a Rosetta Stone. I laugh and think ‘is this the reason why the translating program that people use is named Rosetta Stone’. LOL! Mindblown.
-I’m supposed to give this to the know it all of Melmond.
-I am following the guide and it said, do these sidequests first before continuing the Sea Shrine.
-Weird but whatever, let’s do this.
-I go to Melmond and speak to the nerd who speak Japanese cough Lefunian i mean.

-He goes and says ‘I will teach you how to speak in a short time’. I’m like, can I learn faster than that.
-With my newly native tongue of Lefunia, i go to the top right of the world map.
-With big ass Airship comes responsibilities.
-No place to park again. Freaking game. I have to park in Asia and the country I need to be is in Europe.
-Cardio to reach the village.
-This Village was cool. Pretty futuristic. I learn here that the Airship was built by them.
-There’s a guy named Tiamat on a floating fortress.
-No item store here. Thanks a lot futuristic village who doesn’t have medical aid.
-A guy gave me a Chime. Not sure what it does.
-There’s a hidden Black and White Magic shop here. I had to follow the trail secretly.
-I check the inventory and I see Holy and Flare. The cost was 60k per spell.
-HOLYYYY!!!!! That’s freaking expensive.
-I can’t leave without these. Back to the grinding board.
-Coming up is the Tower in the desert.
-The Struggle continues.