Mateus Final Fantasy XII

FFXII Update: Miriam and Mateus Esper Boss

#FFXII update: Had to go to Miriam to get a heavy sword. I think i’m a bit overpowered. Anyways. Fought Mateus. She was easy but kept casting blind/sleep which was annoying. Ice Shield helped. Obtained her as an Esper/Summon. Hoorah! Guide says i’m half way done the game. LOL! In it for the long haul peeps. Not even close to finishing.

ffxii Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII Playthrough

I started playing Final Fantasy XII last night. I promised myself i’d finish it this time. I don’t remember this game fully well so it does come off as me playing it new.

Kingdom Hearts Guard Armor Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Guard Armor Boss

Kingdom Hearts Guard Armor is the name of the boss I fought yesterday. As a goal to speedrun this game, I took it upon myself to finish it first to get familiar with the game yet again. Follow my Kingdom Hearts struggle as I post my journal with the game.